Reserved Hedgehogs

This page is dedicated to the hedgies that have already been reserved for someone and are pending pick up.
​Hedgehogs are deleted from this page once they have been picked up.

Babies must be 6 - 7 weeks or older before leaving us and weighing over 150 grams (preferrably we keep them until 170+ grams)! We will not let any babies leave before 6 weeks old and never under 150 grams! This is for their health and well being! Most are ready at 7 - 8 weeks old but please understand that some babies need a little more time.


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Sex: Female
Status: RESERVED for Carolyn J. Lane

Price: $50 (PAID IN FULL)

Breeze is turning 2 years old next month so it is time for her to retire. She is just finishing up weaning her last litter so she won't be ready to go to her new home for at least 2 more weeks.

​She is a super sweet girl! Would be great for any level of experience. 


Sex: Female
Status: RESERVED for Candace Cham
Price: $50 (deposit paid)

Sootie is a 2.8 year old female. She has some sass to her but if you ignore it you will realize she is all talk! She is actually SUPER sweet once she warms up to you and she loves to cuddle. She's one of my favorites and I have a couple of her daughters, granddaughters, and a great granddaughter, and should have her great great granddaughter soon!


Sex: Female
Status: RESERVED for Deborah Ohr.
Price: $50 (deposit paid)

Harleigh just turned a year old. She is a very sweet girl but in her previous home she was used as an educational animal and her past owners returned her for biting. She has not bitten us once while she has been here. I think she didn't like the stress of going out to lots of different shows. She LOVES to cuddle. She looks sassy in her picture but she is not at all!!!

​*Cage & heat set purchased


Sex: Female
Status: RESERVED for Jaronsa Taylor.
Price: $50 (deposit paid)

Promise is 2 years 7 months. Very very sassy girl at first but warms up pretty quickly as well. She is very similar to Siren in personality and is also all talk and no bite. She LOVES her wheel, and will find a way to escape if she doesn't have her wheel! 


Sex: Female
Status: RESERVED for Patricia Dominguez.
Price: $50 (deposit paid)

​Petunia is an 1.5 year old girl. She was born here. She was recently returned to us when her family could no longer take care of her.

She is a shy girl, and can be very huffy. But she does like to hang out and cuddle up in a snuggle sack. It just takes her a little while to warm up. A more experienced owner would be best. Or someone who can be very confident handling a somewhat grumpy hedgehog.


Sex: Male
Status: RESERVED for Allison Mann.
Price: $100 (deposit paid)

*Cage set purchased


Sex: Female
Status: RESERVED for Jaronsa Taylor.
Price: $75 (deposit paid)

Pandarosa is 1 year 3 months old. She is very sweet and easy to handle for the most part. She can be a little sassy sometimes, but is generally a cuddler.   

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